Why was the image of a dead child needed to make the world take notice of the current migrant issue?

With Syria, Iraq, Turkey and many more countries embroiled in grave fighting the recent issue of migrants has arisen. Yet it was the impact of a single photo that really ignited the debate. Continue reading


Virtually brilliant: how technology can revolutionise a campaign

PR meets finance in a campaign that allows tennis fans to serve against Maria Sharapova: don’t get too excited because it is a virtual version of her! Continue reading

Who knows what the future will hold

“Get a career.”

Three simple words that have rung in the back of my mind since I left university: my parents always offer very straightforward advice! Truth be told, I don’t know what my future career will hold but I’m extremely eager to find out. Continue reading

PRing the PR Industry…

I take a look at 10 PR blogs that have caught my eye over the last week and explain why you need to stop what you’re doing RIGHT NOW and go look at them. Okay, maybe not right away but if you have a few spare minutes I’d recommend you go have a look. Continue reading

Protein World’s ‘Beach Body Ready’ Ad: Controversial or Successful?

I take a look at Protein World’s recent advertisement that caused mass uproar. Some may argue it was a communications disaster, whereas others may claim it was incredibly smart. I think it turned out to be a mix of both… Continue reading

Climbing the Ladder to Success

When I first met Ntobeko Chidavaenzi it was under highly professional, tense circumstances. He was part of the panel that was assessing me for the PR trainee position on the Taylor Bennett Foundation (TBF). It was a very rigorous day that saw me tested to my limits.

Hard work and success come hand in hand. Being on the foundation myself, and meeting Tobi, has quickly taught me that. It’s almost symbolic that you are based in the basement of the Taylor Bennett offices because being on the traineeship is like starting at the bottom. This isn’t to say it’s something bad because you do learn a lot and start to see opportunities right away. With any job, you have to start somewhere and the TBF allows you to meet new people, gain experience and move into the field of PR and communications.

Three weeks on from the assessment day, I am well into the traineeship and loving every single day. Ntobeko, better known as Tobi, is a previous alumnus and has been pivotal to my progression. He has given me loads of advice and guidance, all of which I am very grateful for. I was lucky enough to be able to talk with Tobi and get his thoughts about his career prospects and the foundation. Continue reading

The Importance of Professionalism for Entry-level PR Practitioners

I take a look at professionalism in the world of PR and how vital it can be for those looking to break into the industry. Continue reading